Dare To Daydream - Debut Single Lize Mynhardt

For some reason, it’s seldom that many Idols contestants continue to remain under the spotlight the show grants them. We’re all well aware that, with the exception of the vast minority, most cease to exist in the public eye due to lack of effective marketing, performances or perhaps even culminating their careers within the season.

I find myself delighted to find past contestants persisting and hustling in the industry, with the hope that they’ve abandoned many of Idols’ notoriously ‘capitalist’ composition constraints. With this in mind, 2014 saw Lize Mynhardt, a 23 year old Capetonian place as the season’s second runner up. After putting her university studies on hold to pursue a career outside of law, Mynhardt’s debut single ‘Dare To Daydream’ was fabricated.

Inspired by a battle with insomnia and induced by resultant hallucinations, the track encompasses a solid direction of ethereal albeit hesitant pop. The palm-muted acoustic guitar progression accompanied by deep, palpitating beats amongst ambient synths are pleasing, but not unprecedented. Although the somewhat whimsical whistle riff coincides well with the accompaniment, the only element that stands out is Mynhardt’s vocal timbre and style, similar to that of Birdy.

Although ‘Dare To Daydram’ alongside her debut cover album “Silent Night” serves as a sufficient introduction to the artist, the latest release highlights her art’s potential, as if an imminently powerful vocal-driven style is constrained within contemporary structures. Admittedly, it’s a little frustrating, but here’s hoping Mynhardt relishes her debut, but seeks further refinement and progression in her inherent and admirable Daughter-esque style.



Lize Mynhardt